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Preserving memories is the essence of taxidermy for hunters and fishermen. Capturing the excitement and intensity of that experience, both realistically and artistically, makes quality taxidermy the ultimate way to keep those memories alive.

Bill Overbeek has been providing taxidermy services for hunters and fishermen for over 35 years. As new techniques and materials become available, they are incorporated into the mounts, ensuring highest quality while managing costs and turn-around time.

Bill’s background as a life-long hunter and fisherman has provided countless opportunities to observe wildlife, and this experience translates into capturing natural behaviors and expressions into taxidermy.  Spending time in the field, studying wildlife all over North America and Africa, has given him the perspective that makes the difference between ordinary and exceptional trophy taxidermy.  There’s no substitute for being right there in the field to photograph reference details of a freshly-taken kudu in Africa, Alaska grayling, or Florida alligator.

Bill’s degree in Fisheries and Wildlife Management required extensive study in wildlife anatomy and physiology, and provides a fundamental understanding of how mammals, birds, and fish are put together, how they move and behave, and this understanding contributes to accuracy and realism in his mounts. Anatomical correctness should be taken for granted, and Bill makes sure you can.

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